The Okaloosa-Walton Domestic Violence Coordinating Council (OWDVCC) is a coordinated community response council which pulls together the many agencies and practitioners who respond to domestic violence cases in the Northwest Florida area. This council is a multidisciplinary effort formed to strengthen the links between individual agencies and general systems to include but not limited to law enforcement, prosecution, the court system, victim advocacy, mental health, offender treatment, probation, health care and child protection.

Mission Statement
To improve coordination and responses between agencies, departments, and the courts relating to offender accountability, victim safety, and 
child safety in family / domestic violence cases as defined by the key agencies.

To promote effective prevention, intervention and treatment techniques to be developed based on research and data collection.

To promote professional enhancement strategies to include but not limited to continuing education, decorum, networking, and relationship building.

Northwest Florida State College
Criminal Justice Training Center

Advanced/Specialized Course Offerings
Domestic Intervention Training - XCJ6280/11649 (40 Hours)
November 16-20, 2015
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Victim Resources



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